Amanda’s Biography

Amanda M. Dodd is a naturally gifted medium, angel communicator, spiritual celebrant, life coach, and hypnotherapist; whose earliest memory as a toddler is a short, but life-saving, encounter with her guardian, Archangel Metatron. It is this unique and powerful connection to the Angelic Realm that helped to perpetuate her desire to help others.

As a small child, Amanda realized that she had an ability to communicate with those who had transitioned from the Earth plane. These gifts were nourished and encouraged by her mother and grandmothers, one of whom passed away when Amanda was six months old and created a relationship with her granddaughter from the higher realms. As such, Amanda is a wealth of experience and information and has a voracious appetite to continue learning from mentors on both sides of the veil.

Her goal as a life coach and hypnotherapist is to bring healing to the world. She has harnessed and honed her empathic abilities; which allows her to work with others and bring them direct healing from the Angelic Realms. Amanda excels at creating dynamic and transformative sessions for her clients where with divine support, clarity, goals, achievements, and breakthroughs are made!

As a Spiritual Celebrant, Amanda also excels at providing others with in-depth details and specific guidance from the Angelic Realm and has a creative flair for making celebrations, ceremony, and rituals for her client’s most memorable life milestones. She is also a Karuna Reiki Master, an Intuitive reader, and an experienced Aromatherapy Consultant. She specializes in Reiki & tuning forks sessions as well as The Body Code, Emotion Code and advice on flower essences; all of which are guided through the Angelic Realms.

With more than 10 years experience Amanda has a great deal to offer!

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