Services & Products

Services & Products

Angel Aura Mission Statement

From sacred ground, we will find your truths, evoke clarity, dispel illusions, make soul shifts, incite inspiration to connect you to your essence, because we are co-creating the life you dream of and moving you into becoming the person to build it!

What is more exciting than stepping into the life you most desire? I mean really?! The work I do with clients at Angel-Aura is about becoming the person you truly want to be, about stepping up and into the life you know you would feel blessed to live every day.

Transformative results take transformative sessions! And that is what I offer, support through dynamic hypnotherapy, coaching and spirit guided sessions for clients that are excited about creating themselves and their lives.

The modalities of coaching and hypnotherapy are quickly gaining a positive review for their effectiveness, whether you are seeking to lose weight, cease smoking, or find more meaning in your life these are the best companions for the road trip that you could ever choose, it’s like opting for a car and a map.

Aside from Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions and packages, I am also developing really empowering and soul shifting recordings. The only thing better than making this loving commitment to yourself is doing it on your own time in the comfort of your pajamas and favorite seat!

If you feel curious about how my services can help you on your path to transformation and growth let’s book your free 1 on 1 coaching session with me. Click the link will take you to my contact form, simply say that you are interested in your 1 on 1 free session and send!

I love hearing from people from all walks of life! Let me know what you feel excited about creating for yourself by leaving a message via my contact page.


  • Life Coaching: Assertiveness Coaching, Angelic Life Coaching & Spirit Directed Coaching, Personal Development & Empowerment
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP: Personal Development, Fears & Phobias, Healing, Guided Mediumship style sessions, goal and habit changes, weight management, Fertility and more!! ((I intend to become a clinical hypnotherapist in the coming months so that I can offer more such as past life regression services and addiction release))
  • Spiritual Celebrant: Home Clearing & Blessings, Baby Blessings, Rituals & Ceremony, and Celebrations, A Prayer Therapy program
  • Mediumship: Letter From A Loved One ( Mediumship channeled letter from a deceased loved one) and Mediumship Readings (via Skype, Telephone or In Person Reading)
  • Toe Reading (Online Reading)
  • Emotion Code Sessions/Packages Emotion Code Session, Heart Wall Sessions (for adults, children, and pets
  • Body Code Sessions/Packages
  • Intuitive and Angel Card Readings (email, Skype, in person)  Angel Card, Realm Reading, Chakra Readings (intuitive), Essential Oil Reading, Ascension Reading, Light Numerology, Dowsing.
  • doTERRA Essential Oils Aromatherapy Consultation(sessions could be in tandem with other modalities such as coaching, hypnotherapy, or Reiki etc), custom blends in roller balls and bath salts, consulting service, and essential oils sales. Certified doTERRA Touch Technique practitioner.
  • Flower Essences  Consultation


  • Wellness Packages (includes Emotion Code, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Intuitive and Angel Card Reading etc, perhaps I can offer custom packages where clients can choose from ALL my services or online services to create a self-care package or self-development package etc)
  • Hypnotherapy Programs Personal Development, Assertiveness Training, Confidence Boosting, Weight Loss Management, Self Compassion, Empowerment!
  • Guided Imagery and Suggestive Meditations

Audio recordings with guided meditations such as ‘Visiting Heaven’ where clients are guided and protected through a journey to heaven to sit with a loved one and have a visit/conversation

  • Reiki Rays, I have over 20 different rays of Reiki that are attunements or empowerments that are transmitted over the internet, will be available for purchase in the store

Workshops, Classes, Events, Development Circles and Shares and One on One Mentoring

  • Angels 101
  • Usui Reiki from start to Mastery
  • Karuna Reiki from start to Mastery
  • Introduction to Shamanic Journey
  • Women’s, Ladies, & Girls Empowerment & Development
  • Manifesting 101
  • Introduction to Mediumship
  • Self Coaching
  • Chakras 101