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Book your Wellness Sessions

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Pay It Forward!

Pay It Forward

Do you know someone whom is potentially in need of my services and doesn't have the means to meet the end? If a gift certificate isn't in your style and you wish to be a little anonymous you are welcome to use the 'Pay It Forward'.

Perhaps you don't know anyone specific and simply want to spread some good vibes forward, perfectly acceptable as well and I am happy to oblige where I can.

Many people have PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression and benefit with good results from Emotion Code and Reiki, while I cannot help everyone you paying it forward can certainly help! There are many single parents out there whom could use some encouragement and their children empowerment. Your choice could mean freeing a child from their heart-wall so that their future has brighter days ahead.

If you know of a specific person whom could benefit from my services and aren't presently able to use the 'Pay It Forward' option then please do still submit their name along with the service you feel resonating for them and a few reasons why to [email protected] and their name will be kept on a list for when others use the 'Pay It Forward' option without a specific person in mind!

Donations to Angel-Aura holistic practice are accepted and will be used to better the center as well as help those in need. Simply add a note to your purchase with your intention to be clear.

PS: Be sure to note your email for your special gift!