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The Emotion Code & Integrated Wellness

The Emotion Code

During an emotion code session some clients have reported seeing and feeling the memories of the trapped emotions being released if this occurs for you be grateful for the clarity and opportunity for healing and if not this is okay as well, you may remember later on down the line or perhaps not at all. Clients have also reported feeling various sensations during the process, heat, tingling, relief, a popping as if release, feeling physically and emotionally lighter, this process is different for everyone.

I ask that you enter our session with an open mind and heart with your highest good in mind, you are welcome to share your experience but please do not feel like you are at all required. Also, anything that comes up during our session will be in line with client confidentiality, you can feel at ease and in good hands while we work together for your success and betterment.

Over short & long periods of time people have reported amazing changes, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I have seen people finally manifest their hearts desires, living in the way they have long desired!

Integrated Wellness

Using the culmination of wisdom from several holistic training programs we will identify underlying reasons for your biggest health and wellness concerns. See where minor imbalances can shift your health in big ways! By correcting imbalances and taking a few health measures we can restore balance and start promoting health, happiness, abundance and more success.
These in-depth sessions are a one of a kind experience, because who knew that the pain in the shoulder could be from an imbalance in your big toe? Prepare to be awed and amazed by how wonderful our bodies truly are. Perhaps you've felt as though you've been stabbed in the back? Bet you didn't know that experience potentially left behind a saboteur energy now preventing you from achieving, this is simply one example of how an Integrated Wellness session can create a happier and freer you.
This experience isn't only for adults, thankfully we can help our children and pets as well.
Let's create balance!